gardenUP is a garden design platform for use by garden centers, re-wholesale centers, landscapers and others. It is ideal for those quick and easy designs that don’t require a site visit but where the homeowner still wants a pretty space at the end.

A user answers 5 simple questions and our algorithm filters down from our database of over 200 designs to show you the designs that work for your space. You will see images of fully mature gardens and when you find one you like, you can get prices, a scaled design and plant list.

Our gardenUP partners have special access to the plant list and scaled designs. Visit our gardenUP partners map to find your local gardenUP partner.

If you can provide us with a contractor license or realtor license, you can participate in our commercial program.

gardenUP is expanding quickly in your area and other areas of the country as we look to bring our garden designs to more people. So, we are always looking for qualified partners to help us expand our community. Check out our partners page for more info or reach out today.